Download Error Resource


If you’ve found yourself here, it means that we had some issues with out network but are still able to keep you animating.
We just need to have you follow a few simple instructors for manual operation as our auto download network has failed for the time being.

This may be something regional, it might be a security change on the browser site limiting our contact for s short time or it might simply be that your firewall is blocking Maya from reaching our database.

Either way, Follow the instructions below and you’ll be up and running in no time.

First thing, we want to update your tools to the latest version:

Download 2017-2020 tools Download 2022 tools Download 2022 tools Mac Download 2023 tools

Install those tools by placing the scripts into your scripts folder. Run maya and try downloading a character.
If this does not work, Continue onto the next steps.



Next, you can find the full character archive here:

Character Archive
Follow the link, download whatever characters you need and then unzip them into your LWS_Characters folder.

This is found in Documents/maya/projects/LWS_Characters.
If you unzip them into a folder with the character’s name, you can use the Character Manager to work with the files.

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you need anything: