This Help doc is for Long Winter Memberships.


Install Steps:

Step 2. Open LONGWINTER_INSTALL (no need to login just yet)
Step 3. Open the Character Manger via the Long Winter menu
Step 4. Click Install Characters

Installing the characters will take a few minutes.
You’ll be pulling .5¬†gig from our server to your computer

Activating Characters Steps:
Make sure you have your email address, order number, and license Key handy.

Step 1. Open a character via the Character Manager
Step 2. Enter your info in the UI

By default, your credentials will be saved. The license will check the last time
you logged in. If you havn’t logged in today, you’ll need to re-enter your license key.

Finding your info:
You can find your license key in the My Account page.
EX: 7853-9742-0909-4523

Solutions to common problems:
Files won’t install properly
Manual installation may be the best option.
Direct Download links:


File is grey, I can’t select anything and I didn’t see a license popup.
You can activate your scene by going to the Long Winter menu > Activate Scene. Just enter your credentials and you’ll be ready to go!

Contact us

If that doesn’t fix you up, feel free to shoot us an email. We’re pretty game on about emails so, if it’s a weekday, you’ll hear from us pretty fast.