The Long Winter Studios Team

Our experienced team has made cartoons (full-service rigging, modeling, animation) for studios like Disney, Calabash, In the Box, MoonDog, Lunar, as well as top art educators and schools like Gobelins, Gnomon, Vancouver Film School, and the Academy of Art. Visit our About page for more information.

Andrew Conroy

After working on projects like Life of Pi, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and various other feature projects in film and VFX, Andrew dreamed up and founded Long Winter Studios, where he now serves as the Creative Director of Awesome (a.k.a. CEO). Andrew fell in love with character animation in college and followed that love back and forth across the country numerous times. His passion for quality and animator-friendly characters fuels Long Winter and keeps the studio’s focus always on the animator.

Eric Meister
Character Designer

He grew up with a pencil in his hand and imagination in his blood. Eric has been a 2D animator and character designer for several years and continues to delight audiences with his fresh take on people and life. He also puts pen to paper here at Long Winter, designing new characters and adding that 2D animation magic to characters during the development stage.

Thomas Moore
Character Technical Director

Don’t be fooled by this guy’s boyish good looks. Thomas knows his way around many elements of the character pipeline. Thomas brings a wide range of skills to LWS. Anything from rendering and effects to rigging to traditional drawing and painting. Thomas also has a keen eye on new methods of working and ways to improve studio functionality.

Kelsey Ramos
Community Manager

Kelsey manages and oversees Long Winter’s websites, social media, and other digital forms of communication. Before she joined the LWS team, she was the lead web producer of health content vertical for Tribune Co., which included the Los Angeles Times, the fourth largest newspaper site in the U.S. She built Long Winter’s online presence from the ground up and gets to engage a tight-knit animation and VFX community from all over the world by sharing cartoons and pretty things.