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DaleĀ comes fully loaded with features but assembled in a way that is clear and easy for animators of every level to get a hold of. Here at LWS we push our characters to get a full range of motion out of them. You won’t find limits on controls or clutter with the curves. It’s all straight forward and ready for action.

DaleĀ is a member’s exclusive character. You can animate him and the rest of the Long Winter crew for only $10/month.


Long Winter | Characters for Animators from Long Winter Studios on Vimeo.

Rig Specs

Luke is setup using our Timber Beast autorigger. Made by animators, for animators. Everything is setup to help you get things done fast, and easier than you’ve done them before.

This character also comes with the Tools Pack. Which will speed up everything from blocking to final render. Helping you focus on what’s important, performance.

-“Easy” controls
-Super smooth lid controls with emotion control
-Eye scaling
-Eyelid track with eyes switch
-Eye lid twisting
-Skull controls, top and bottom
-Cheek, chin and cheek bone controls
-Tongue controls from jaw
-Squash and stretch on ALL features
-Full mouth corner control
– Advanced spine setup without IK popping
– Seamless IK/FK switching
– IK/FK arms
– IK/FK legs
– Super slick finger controls
– Stretchy arms, legs, spine and neck
– Bend controls on legs and arms
– FULL foot control
– Elbow and knee pins
– Open scale on all body parts
– Pose mirroring
– Isolation controls to keep poses solid