Tommies 2016: Staff Pick Awards


Welcome to the Long Winter Studios Animation Awards (aka The Tommies) 2016! We weren’t surprised that your work is high-quality and imaginative, and we’re grateful you chose Long Winter character rigs to tell your story.

We had a blast watching your submissions and loved so many of the animations that we couldn’t settle for just one winner (check out the 2016 People’s Choice Award winner), so all of our staff members selected another favorite animation, deemed them a silly staff pick category, and we will be sending those winners a $25 gift certificate to our Long Winter Studios store! Enjoy watching our favorites below.

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you for entering the 2016 Tommies. Share these fun winners with your friends and join us next year for the 2017 Tommies – we can’t wait!

Best Comedy: Electro Ski by Pier-Olivier Cote

Selected by: Andrew Conroy, Founder

Best Actor: Breakup by Corey Stisser

Selected by: Eric Meister, Concept Artist

Best Short Film: The Elf by Alaa Aldeen Afifah

Selected by: J.P. Rhinemiller, Character Animator

Best Physical Motion: Take Flight by Brad Faucheux

Selected by: Thomas Moore, Character TD

Best Student Film: Audition by Priyanshu Mehran

Selected by: Kelsey Conroy, Community Manager

See you next year at the 2017 Tommies!