Get inspired by these “Zootopia” demo reels

Zootopia demo reels

When “Zootopia” first released images a while back, I got pretty stoked. The amount of visual interest that was put into the designs made my eyes sing with delight. Then the film came out and I watched as an hour and 48 minutes of animation gold went sailing past my eyes. It was fantastic.

Now, something even better has happened. A whole bunch of super talented animators (and one storyboarder!) have started releasing demo reels. And we all know that nothing brings home the effort, appeal and sheer animation goodness like a demo reel.

In an effort to fully appreciate the quality of the shots linked together in “Zootopia,” we’ve complied some of the reels that have been put out so far. The wealth of information in the shots below is incredible. So, grab a piece of paper and a pencil, pick a reel, and enjoy!

– Andrew Conroy

from trent correy on Vimeo.


from Allen Ostergar on Vimeo.


from joshua slice on Vimeo.


from Jeff Williams on Vimeo.


from Ryan Hobbiebrunken on Vimeo.


from Jason Hand on Vimeo.


from Benson Shum on Vimeo.


from Andrew Chesworth on Vimeo.


from Michael Woodside on Vimeo.

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