Nigh School


Welcome to Long Winter Night School! 

Sit down, grab a cup of tea or coffee and let’s talk about animation.





Night School is where Andrew sits down and shares as many helpful things about animation as possible. Yes, some of it will be boring. (skip those parts) Much of it should be helpful. Covering subjects from animation basics to advanced ideas and techniques all the way over to navigating a complex and challenging industry and other Q+A topics, Night School hopes to offer some insight into how to succeed in your animation career.


Enjoy these FREE courses!

Night School is less of a school and more of a YouTube Channel. It’s not a complete education but we still want to offer some multi video courses. Some videos are stand alone while others are part of a larger series. Below you’ll find some of our larger series. Enjoy the full playlist to get the most of the content!


Below you’ll find some helpful resources:

Along with videos, you’ll also find some files! Hurray!
Check out the links below to download working files from some of Andrew’s Night School projects. You’ll need to have an active Long Winter subscription to work with the files. If you’ve enjoyed the Night School videos, supporting the effort with a Long Winter subscription would be super cool of you.