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Tommies Awards 2016 | Long Winter Studios


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Video #1: Breakup by Corey Stisser


Video #2: Pizza by Bibi Fontana

Video #3: Aloha Vacations by Juan Carlos Vigil

Video #4: Laundry Day by Nadia Diaz Garces

Video #5: After Hours by Temidayo Odunlami

Video #6: Audition by Priyanshu Mehran

Video #7: Back to the Future! by Marissa Dingman

Video #8: Break Up by Tom Conger

Video #9: Fall in Love by Badur Can

Video #10: The Fighter by Pete McEvoy

Video #11: Soulmates by Diego Manssur

Video #12: Never After by Ece Arihan

Video #13: Best of Wives by Rafael Perez

Video #14: Crazy Man by Tyler Gogan

Video #15: The Cure by Dean Mosier

Video #16: I Got Fat by Jeannine Kernisan

Video #17: Fish Animation by William Marsh

Video #18: The Elf by Alaa Aldeen Afifah

Video #19: Salman’s 11 Second Club November by Salman Alam

Video #20: Electro Ski by Pier-Olivier Cote

Video #21: Storm by Cesar Desmond Fernandez Cahill

Video #21: Take Flight by Brad Faucheux

Video #23: Life is Eternity by Nasser Najafian

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