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Day 3: Wild Animals!


We’re setting our sights on a whole crew of new animals. And not just pets and wild creatures but anthropomorphic characters too! Day 4: Meet Dale! With our concept artist Eric Meister cranking out designs, we’re tackling some of our most challenging work yet: building incredibly flexible and appealing animals, creatures and anthropomorphic characters. Dale […]

Call for entries: Win $100 gift certificate

Tommies Awards | Long Winter Studios

It’s time for the First Annual Tommies’! It’s awards season everywhere and we are ready to hand out some sweet recognition (and $$$!) for the first annual Long Winter Studios’ Tommie Awards. Here’s the deal: we’ve seen the awesome shorts you’ve been making with our characters and we want to highlight your work and give you the […]

“Okay for Everybody” | Walter animation sequence by Vasawat Changtroraleke

Long Winter Studios' character rig Walter featured in an animation by Vasawat Changtroralekeon Vimeo.

Look at old man Walter in this animation sequence from Vasawat Changtroraleke! He’s got a good five o’clock shadow and even better expressions in this great clip. Browse the Store to get your own copy or any of our other full-featured character rigs. Okay For Everybody from Vasawat Changtroraleke on Vimeo.   For more Long […]