Day 11: The nuts and bolts of how membership works


Today we’re going to break down how individual users can expect to use our new service, with video walk-throughs by our CEO, Andrew Conroy.

Day 11: The nuts and bolts of how membership works

In this video, we cover how to access your downloadable files via our website as well as go over the information available in your My Account page:

This video covers installing the characters and loading them into a scene as reference:

In this video, we cover how to activate your Long Winter membership scene as well as cover where to obtain activation information:
Quick video tutorial about how to get questions answered for our new membership service:

Ready to sign up?


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Enter our 2nd Annual Tommies Awards contest!

Are your animations ready? The 2017 Tommies animation contest is coming up in February! Stay tuned on our Facebook page for more details, polish up your shots with our Long Winter characters, and watch our awesome winners from last year: People’s Choice 2016, and our Staff Picks 2016!