Day 9: Super simple, point-and-click install in Maya

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It’s almost Christmas and we’re feeling that holiday spirit! Loads of new characters, $10/month. We’re all thinking the same thing: where’s the catch? Is it going to be a pain to use?

Here’s the trick. We’ve all dealt with characters that come with “required” tools. Nothing sucks more than being locked out of your file because you had to jump through 10 hoops to get the files to load. Are you ready for this?

Day 9: We’ve got your back with super simple, point-and-click install in Maya

Good news! For our stuff, all you need to do is open the Maya file.

No scripts to install!
No protective software to drag around!
No being locked out because you remembered your character but forgot your scripts!

When you open a Long Winter character, you’ll have everything you need right there.

And get this: There is even a fancy “Install All” button that will pull our entire library and put it on your computer with one click! ALL the characters, $10/month AND instant downloading of ALL the characters in one button. Happy holidays, everyone!

We are psyched to get this out. We feel like freaking Santa Claus just thinking about getting this out to you guys!

Subscription Experience Demo from Long Winter Studios on Vimeo.

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