From the Animation Community: 

There is nothing more exciting than seeing great animation with our characters. Please allow us to present to you some of the killer work being done by fantastic animators around the world! 


Characters for Learning. 

When it comes to learning animation, the task is hard enough without fighting your rig. That’s why we’ve worked hard to build up our characters with skill advancement in mind. From easy and intuitive facial setups to pose libraries and pickers, we want to give you the best chance at achieving your goals. 

Characters for Teaching.

The classroom is is magical place. Eager students, passionate ideas, faculty ready to drop some animation gold! But you have to have the right tools for the job. With our Crash 3.0 characters, you can start at the basics. Then, for more advanced classes, move into our fully fleshed out, performance level characters. All of our recent characters are built with a similar system. Once you get your students used to one, they will be ready for the rest!

Characters for Inspiration.

Characters should be solid and stable. They should also be inspiring! We’re always working to create new, interesting characters that will help you think of something awesome to animate. From Space Duck to Grimm,  you’ll have lots of fun dudes and dudettes to inspire your next great shot!

Studio Quality

We’ve set the bar high for all our characters but these four got special treatment. It takes a lot of time, testing and patience to build really high end characters, we believe that we’ve done that here. With all the ease of use you come to expect from our assets, these guys have an added level of detail. We’ve also build pickers and pose libraries for these guys to help you get up and running faster. Enjoy the full treatment of being inside a quality animation studio when you load these guys into your scene.


Keep it Creative

We are making cartoons after all! These characters are here to liven up your reel. We’ve applied the same technical quality to these silly characters as we have to all our assets. Although you may not find all the little details as you did in the above group of characters, you will find these guys to be robust and enjoyable to work with. And of course, it’s fun to be able to mix up your rig choice from time to time.

Solid yet Flexible

Our Crash 3.0 characters help cover all the requirements of body mechanics and action shots. With consistent rigging across the group, these fully featured characters make teaching or learning body mechanics fun.
Seamless IK/FK switching, pose mirroring and pickers make these rigs ready for action. They are also equip with bendy controls, IK/FK spines, space switching options and everything else you come to expect in a solid character rig.

Legacy Characters

We’ve been doing this since 2013. That means that we have some great characters who are starting to show their age. We’ve kept these characters available for your enjoyment. They are great for background shots, smaller acting roles or perhaps the design fits what you have in mind. With more than enough characters to choose from, getting a good character in your shot is not going to be difficult!