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  • The team at Long Winter Studios has blown us away. We had this crazy idea that our students could have access to a small number of custom characters all in one neatly packaged rig. What we received was unlimited possibilities! In fact our students may realize they’ve been spoiled when they hit the industry. The team was so professional and responded to any questions or concerns with lighting speed. The rig itself is a combination of feature quality control with customization that knows no limits. The partnership between Vancouver Film School and Long Winter Studios has already been a joy and will continue to be a long and fruitful one.”

    Colin Giles
  • “I had the pleasure to get to play around with these rigs a bit, and all I can say is BANGARANG! These rigs function great and do whatever you need them to, but where they really shine is their simplicity.”

    Alex Snow
  • “The body has everything you need to get it done without all of the clutter of unnecessary controls, and the face is fantastic!”

    Aaron Deerfield
  • “Great rig – was manipulating it in seconds – very intuitive!”

    Ian Shepherd
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