Day 4: Better price AND better characters


Day 4: Better price AND better characters – the price is going down, but the quality is going up!

It’s Day 4 of our 12 Days of Awesome! We are cutting the price, but we want you to know that we’re not at all cutting the quality – that just keeps going up! In fact, our new and improved tools are what is allowing us to bring that price down. And we thought we would take a minute to introduce you to that system.

The Timber Beast 2.0 is only a small part of our character pipeline but it’s the core. We rolled up our sleeves and dug into the code at the end of last year to build on our already solid rigging solution. We’ve now used TB2.0 for almost a year in production to build countless custom characters for studios around the world. And now it’s time to pull back the curtain and show it to you guys!

Check out the debut of our new rigging system!

(Did it make you smile? We tried really hard to make you smile.)

Starting in January, you’ll be able to pickup all 37 + characters for $10/month! 

If you’re interested in a more complete list of the features currently being built with our Timber Beast 2.0 character tools, enjoy these fine bullet points:

– Bendy arms
– Scalable everything
– IK-FK Snap
– Knee/elbow pins
– Quick pose hands
– Editing built rigs
– IK and FK spine
– No-roll arms
– IK shoulder
– Non-flip poles
– Limb length control
– Advanced ribbons limbs
– Space switching
– No plugins required
– No scripts to install
– Joint collision on lips and lids
– Easy controls for fast, clean poses
– 3 levels of detail on eyes
– 2 levels on brows
– 4 levels on mouth – if desired
– Soft eyes
– Auto stretch on mouth or direct control
– Squash and skull
– Hybrid IK/FK neck and head
– Auto wrist and ankle twisting
– Advanced foot rolls
– Direct handles on ALL skinned joints

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