Membership Information

A Custom Package for a Custom Organization.

We’re excited you’re considering Long Winter assets for your organization. You’ll  find a detailed walk through of our membership program below.

Memberships have perks.

Not only do you get world class characters but we make sure you enjoy your experience working with them. Everything from Full-service Customer Support to a handy Tools Pack, we’re there for you. We bend over backwards for our members. We want to make teaching animation as fun and easy as possible.

  • Full access to characters
  • Frequent updates to assets
  • Full-service customer support
  • 20% discount on all products
  • Complimentary Tools Pack – Tools to help people work faster and smarter
  • A spot on our Media Partners page

You’re not alone.
Since Long Winter started on 2013, we’ve had the privilege of working with the best schools in the world. Not only do we provide rigs and tools for these top schools but, we also provide characters and tools to some cutting edge studios. That means that your students get industry standard, production ready characters and tools that will help prepare them for a competitive industry. For a more complete list, visit our Media Partners page.


A robust catalog.
Not only do we offer quality assets but we also provide a wide range of fun characters for your students to work with. Encourage creativity with everything from Dragons to Robots we have a catalog that will inspire, encourage and empower your student!


Let’s talk numbers.
We’re happy to work through the ordering process with you. Together we can create a custom package that is right for your needs and that fits your budget. We know everyone is different and we’ll work to make sure you have everything you need at a price that works for you. These prices are based on a program size of 30 – 100.