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What to expect with maya 2019

Wall of Death

Maya 2019 promises some pretty excellent updates and we’re very excited about animation caching in particular. For us though, we’re more excited to see our work demoing some of the coolest new features! Thanks again to Autodesk for the pleasure of building out these assets and animation! Here are some early designs we did for […]

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Pickers for Crash 3.0


We’ve added pickers for our Crash 3.0 characters! You can now hide those curves and pose out your Crash characters without obstruction.  Be sure to check out the terms and conditions for the Animschool picker before you use this tool. We want to be sure to respect the terms set by Animschool. They have done […]

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A Picker for Dave


We have a sweet little picker for our Dave character! Feel free to download this picker file and use it with your copy of Dave. You can also use this picker with some of the more recent characters as well. The Ogres and the Crash 3.0 character will mostly work with this picker as they all […]

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Pose Library 2018!


Good news! We Rebooted our pose library!   The Story: We released our pose library way back when Tom and Claire were first released back in 2013. Somewhere along the way, the library got a little buggered up. Over the past few years, it’s been one of the things we’ve been asked most about. The […]

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Dale the crocodile has arrived!


We’re incredibly excited to release Dale into the wild! This is a crocodile who can be creature or character. He has enough robustness in his rig to act as school principal or scary swamp monster. Dale is a member-exclusive character and is only available through our new membership program. You can join today and make something […]

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Thoughts on Animation | Patrick – Spudgun


Patrick is such a simple, fun character to animate. I had the chance to get away from the rigging system for a bit and throw down on some animation for a change. The challenge with a character like Patrick is pushing the contrast between poses without loosing the audience’s eye in the transitions. I used […]

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Excellent Character Rigs for Animators

[vimeography id=”1″] We’re a crew of animators who’ve taken to the task of designing, building and animating character rigs we like. Every character we publish has been built, tested and enjoyed by our team before it goes out into the public. We love animation and we’re passionate about building fun characters. We know how it […]

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We’re Hiring!


Long Winter is looking for a couple talented Character TD’s for a few current and upcoming projects. Our ideal Character TD / Rigger candidate will be able to create flexible and expressive character rigs, have a solid understanding of modeling, skin weighting, and the principles of animation, and work well with a team of different […]

Sally Face Walk Through

Did you grab a copy of Sally? Check out a detailed walk through of her facial setup!   Sally is the first character to be rigged using our Timber Beast auto rigger! Click HERE for more info or Buy  her!

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Judgement | Cody Lyon


A fabulous piece of animation by Cody Lyon. Swing over to the shop and grab a copy of one of these fine characters for your next clip!         Want to see another great clip using Argus? Check out SUNRISE STUDIOS’ new reel!

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SUNRISE STUDIOS has a killer demo of their services and studio using Argus! Check it out! Have you checked out Sally yet? She’s the first character to be rigged using our Timber Beast auto rigger! Click HERE for more info or Buy  her!

Tools Pack

The Long Winter Tools Pack is here to help you out! There are a lot of great tools out there to help animators but, we wanted to start building our own. One of the advantages of deploying a pack of tools with our rigs is that you guys have constant access to the tools you […]

Sally is Here!


Sally has been rigged with our proprietary rigging system the Timber Beast! The Timber Beast comes with a couple key tools, including our new Speed Pick. In fact, all characters rigged with the Timber Beast rigging system come with the Long Winter Tools Pack included, free! Make sure to check out Sally  below!

Drake | Release Date


Feb 3rd 2015! We’ve set a release date for Drake! We’re very excited about this new character and we hope you are too. He’s been in the works since July and it’s almost time to send him off into the world. Just a couple short weeks and he’ll hit the animation world. Until then, take […]

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Drake | Image Two!

Drake01 copyCropped

We’re wrapping up the final details on Drake! Like Benny, we’ve put tons of time and though into this character and we’re really excited to show you guys more. Stay tuned, we’ll have a rig demo showing off the wing functionality shortly! Until then, check out the mesh below! Drake by Long Winter on Sketchfab

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