Excellent Character Rigs for Animators

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We’re a crew of animators who’ve taken to the task of designing, building and animating character rigs we like. Every character we publish has been built, tested and enjoyed by our team before it goes out into the public. We love animation and we’re passionate about building fun characters.

We know how it is. You’re working super hard to try and learn animation and every time you sit down to make something awesome, there is some technical issue. Rigs that don’t work, complicated tools that need to be installed, all kinds of mumbo jumbo.

That is exactly why we’re here. With the click of a button you will have access to all our characters. Literally, just click the Download Characters button after opening our maya file and you’ll have more beautiful characters than you can animate.  We’re also always available to be answer questions and help with support issues. Customer service is a big deal for us.

You can sign up to get Full Access to our whole character rig catalog for just $10/month!
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What people are saying:

”I would highly recommend this Membership to any animator out there as you will have access to some of the best character rigs available. All the characters I have used to date are extremely user friendly and you can get some great looking poses and overall brilliant animations with them.”


“Definitely worth it. The new Rigging system is very good. For the amount of content offered in a world where good rigs are somewhat hard to come across (unless in a school) this is a fantastic deal.”


“This is a great deal. Access to all these appealing characters (with solid rigging) for such a low price? I’m sold. I haven’t needed any customer service yet, but I hear they have been very helpful.”