Tommies 2017: It’s all about acting in “Connection” by Amjad Afifah


It was tough to choose the winners of our 2017 Tommies Awards because submissions this year were better than ever. Our members have brought our Long Winter character rigs to life and we are psyched to see so much inspiration and creativity from our diverse community.

Our winners received a ton of great prizes (including free memberships to our new service with unlimited access to 38+ character rigs), and this year we also gave all our winners a free 15-minute e-critique from our CEO Andrew Conroy, an animator with credits in “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs,” and “Life of Pi.” A big thanks to RGB Notes for letting us use their awesome system for the critiques.

We are excited to share them with our members! To start it off, here is the e-critique for our great 2017 People’s Choice Winner, “Connection” by Amjad Afifah. Nice work, Amjad!

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See you next year at the 2018 Tommies!

Tommies Awards | Long Winter Studios

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