Drake | Release Date


Feb 3rd 2015! We’ve set a release date for Drake! We’re very excited about this new character and we hope you are too. He’s been in the works since July and it’s almost time to send him off into the world. Just a couple short weeks and he’ll hit the animation world. Until then, take […]

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Drake | Image Two!

Drake01 copyCropped

We’re wrapping up the final details on Drake! Like Benny, we’ve put tons of time and though into this character and we’re really excited to show you guys more. Stay tuned, we’ll have a rig demo showing off the wing functionality shortly! Until then, check out the mesh below! Drake by Long Winter on Sketchfab

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Speed up and improve workflow with hotkeys


Welcome to Quick Tip : Hotkeys.  I want to share a few helpful tips on speeding up and improving your workflow. Hotkeys are one of the simplest and accessible ways to speed up your workflow and they are often over looked. Honestly, it’s not a particularly glamorous topic to cover so I understand why many people don’t cover […]

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Happy New Year!


In 2014 Long Winter released 9 new characters to the public and signed on 15 new members, launched a new website , and created custom characters for schools and studios!  It’s been an awesome year for LWS. You all have been a HUGE part of what has made this year for all of us. Honestly, […]

New Character | Benny!


Hey All, We have released the much anticipated BENNY! Benny is a little different that characters we have released in the past. Not only is he a dragon with super awesome wings, those wings are Dynamic! We have setup Benny’s wings to work as both a rigged wing and a dynamic wing, AND any blend […]

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