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The “Monster Series” is designed to help beginning and intermediate animators get a feel for acting. They are simpler than our full blown characters but have the make flexibility and comfort in controls.  You wont find limits on controls or clutter with the curves. It’s all strait forward and ready for action.

Our Promise

All long winter studios purchases are for life! That means, if you buy him once, you’ll have him forever. Any computer, any time, any network. If you loose him, we’ll resend him. If you need help, we’re here for you.

Jerry from Long Winter Studios on Vimeo.

The Monster Showreel from Long Winter Studios on Vimeo.

Rig Specs

The Face Rig -LWS’ Face rig has everything you need. We design it with user friendliness and pose customization in mind.

-Super smooth lid controls with emotion control
-Eye scaling
-Eyelid track with eyes switch
-Eye lid twisting
-Skull controls, top and bottom
-Cheek, chin and cheek bone controls
-Tongue controls from jaw
-Layered control viz
-Squash and stretch on ALL features
-Full mouth corner control

The Body Rig – Jerry’s body rig is built on TSM2’s sturdy foundation. With it’s animator friendly control setup and it’s production ready features, this body setup will help you get the most out of your animation. In addition, we add to, edit, improve and customize that solid start. Making this body setup both technically strong and animator friendly.

– IK/FK switching on spine
– Advanced spine setup without IK popping
– Seamless IK/FK switching
– IK/FK head
– IK/FK arms
– IK/FK legs
– IK/FK fingers
– Stretchy arms, legs, spine and neck
– Bend controls on legs and arms
– FULL foot control
– Elbow and knee sliders
– Open scale on all body parts
– Leg and arm thickness control
– Pose mirroring
– Isolation controls to keep poses solid

Make sure to check out the videos to see these bad boys in action.